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Weddings on the island of La PalmaLa Palma Weddings

La Palma Wedding: non-denominational weddings, weddings in a church, vow renewals, wedding anniversaries or wedding proposals now on the most beautiful island of the Canary Islands: La Palma.

Wedding in La Palma

Imagine a green tropical island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with remote and almost empty beaches, wild-romantic nature and mountainous landscapes, a microclimate in the region of Tazacorte, where you can count on temperatures even in the deepest winter of 20- (68-75 degrees Fahrenheit) in the daytime. If you had any plans to get married or you are coming up for your wedding anniversary and it is cold where you live, why not come here and celebrate your non-denominational wedding in nature and sunshine. You deserve to celebrate your love for each other when you choose to.

La Palma Wedding

Let yourself be inspired by the beauty of this island and our suggestions for a perfect wedding ceremony. We from La Palma Wedding are here to assist you to make this day for the two of you exceptionally romantic and special. We specialize in non-denominational weddings embedded in nature on the most beautiful island of the all the Canary Islands: Sunshine, palm trees, remote beaches and coves, green mountains falling steeply into the dark blue ocean and an island culture that invites you to take it slowly and celebrate whenever you can, each moment and each other.

Wedding in La Palma

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