Vacation Rentals
on the Island of La Palma

Links of Interest Paragliding on the most beautiful of all the Canary Islands, on La Palma. With the Paraglidingschool Palmaclub this will be a safe and breathtaking experience. Tandemparaglides from El Time down to Tazacorte Beach: An experience like no other. Safe and totally thrilling! Discover the unique underwater world of La Palma, with us! Scuba diving and snorkeling is a personal, safe and relaxing experience in our care. We offer daily dive and snorkel excursions and also provide PADI courses and introduction courses, always under professional guidance. We dive and snorkel in small groups throughout the entire year, always taking personal preferences and skill-levels into account. Stop by or call us for more information. Would you like to go on a fun-filled adventure at our one-of-a-kind La Palma Zip-Line Park? Fun in Nature for the whole family! And totally secure! We are a certified Ropes Course with Zip Lines located at El Pillar, on La Palma's beautiful Westside mountaintop forest. Swing in your safety harness in the air from tree to tree, zip along larger distances all in the air or challenge yourself over the swinging bridges to the next excitement of our outdoors ropes course. We would love to welcome you and your family at ACROPARK- La Palma. here is where ocean activity fun for kids and adults begins. We offer boat trips with a glass bottom boat departing from Tazacorte harbor daily for dolphin and whale watching excursions. A life time experience. All boat trips include food and beverages. Bike'nFun - Here is where you bike vacation starts! Bike tours for all skill levels .... Experience Top Acts with us... Shuttle and Transfer service available... We take you on the most dramatic and breathtaking biking and hiking trails of La Palma's giant trail network... We organize your entire vacation... Since 1993 we operate our touring center Bike'nFun in the heart of Los Llanos. If you are looking for a family friendly biking tour or for the dramatic and challenging all-terrain biking experience: we have something for all skill and interest levels. Additionally we offer Free ride- and Single trail tours across the most beautiful and challenging bike trails and paths of La Palma -' for the ultimate biking experience!  offers unforgettable hiking and trekking tours of La Palma. In small groups you will get to know this beautiful island with its specific healing fauna, myths and legends. We are looking forward to meeting you! In our Dive Center on La Palma you can enjoy year-round breathtaking underwater lava worlds and marine life. We also offer Dive Classes for beginners.

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Our reliable partner for rental cars on La Palma is Martin Mueller - Hermosilla rent a car – or
You can expect quality cars, reliable service at great prices. We would love to reserve a rental car for you during your holidays in one of our La Palma Vacationrentals, Casa Alba or Casa Bella. Hermosilla rent a car will await you at the airport and drop off at the airport is very convenient. Explore this beautiful island and its serpentine curves via motor cycle! Every day a perfect ride!