Vacation Rentals
on the Island of La Palma

Accommodations in La Palma, Canary Islands

Hola and Welcome to the official website of La Palma Vacation, where it is our pleasure and duty to make your stay on this beautiful Spanish Island most enjoyable and comfortable.

Our Rentals

Casa Alba

Stunning ocean-view vacation rental home on large property

Casa Alba
  • West Coast of La Palma at 200 meters above the ocean
  • 3 Bedroom 2 Bath
  • Private Pool, Private Garden
  • Panoramic, Breathtaking Ocean Views
  • Close to Beaches
  • Rural area of Tazacorte, the sunniest place in entire Europe

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Casa Alma Marina

Beautiful contemporary ocean-view rental home with garden

Casa Alma Marina
  • West Coast of La Palma at 130 meters above the ocean
  • 3 Bedroom 3 Bath 
  • Large Balcony
  • Large Rooftop-terrace and garden terraces
  • Spectacular Ocean Views
  • Private Infinity Pool, Private Garden
  • Near center of Tazacorte Town
  • Close to all Beaches

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We picked the sunniest and warmest location of the island for our accommodations: La Palma's West Coast in Tazacorte - and selected only completely unobstructed views to the ocean.
Then we made sure you were either within walking distance or very short driving distance to the best beaches, La Palma has to offer.
Added a pool, palm trees, sun loungers and well selected contemporary and Balinese furniture, as well as original art and out came two absolutely fabulous and breathtaking ocean-view vacation rental accommodations that offer the highest class of any holiday experience.

La Palma - "Isla Bonita" - "The Beautiful" Canary Island

  • A Spanish Island in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Belongs to an island chain (Canary Islands) consisting of 7 major islands
  • Also referred to as the “Islands of Eternal Spring”
  • Located off the coast of Marocco/Northern Africa
  • La Palma is the farthest Western island of the chain and its third smallest
  • Known as the only European destination with warm/sunny weather in winter
  • Subtropical climate, in winter (average temp: 65-75 Fahrenheit, 18-24 Celsius)
  • The location of our vacationrentals is Tazacorte, which is located on the West Coast of La Palma.
  • Tazacorte is La Palma's region with the most sun hours per day/year not only on this island but of entire Europe.
  • Lush, green fauna and agriculture as far as the eye reaches
  • Volcanic origin with an array of diverse natural beauty
  • Reaching from sub-alpine dormant volcanic mountain chains to coastal ocean beaches and anything in between.
  • Allows for a multitude of land, ocean and air activities: hiking/trekking, biking, horseback riding, guided star gazing, beachcombing, snorkeling/scuba diving, whale and dolphin excursions, sailing, sport fishing, hang gliding, etc.
  • Soft eco-tourism, slow food, Spanish Island culture

La Palma’s West Coast - the perfect destination

  • Ocean vistas framed in by green banana fields
  • Beautiful black sand beaches
  • Palm trees clicking with the breeze
  • Sunniest/warmest side of the island in coastal regions with Tazacorte being the sunniest and warmest place in entire Europe
  • La Palma’s West Coast invites you to escape the gray and cold for an unforgettable Island Getaway.